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Printing and Exporting at the same time

is it possible to print a report and at the same time export the result to PDF without having to run the report twice?

something like

LlSetOption …

LlPrintWithBoxStart (print and export to pdf)?





Hi Mike,

You could save your print output as a preview file in *.LL format. Preview files can be converted and also printed. For this you can use the List & Label Storage API. In .NET you can use the PreviewFile class.

Here you can find an article from our knowledgebase about the topic.

Hope this helps.


if i understand this correctly i should be able to run the report without showing preview and then before removing the temp files print the ll file and also convert it to pdf

i see there seem to be 2 options.

Option 1) One is to use the ll file for both and use


Option 2) would be to load the ll file using LlStgsysStorageOpen and then use


i tested both and am having some issues

Option 1 (use LL file directly)
looks like this needs the file to be loaded twice
for printing i need the page count but not sure how to get it without also loading the preview file or is there a way to simply say print all files.
Export to PDF seems to work

Option 2 (load ll file)
would be better as the file only has to be loaded once
printing works as i do have the page count when loading it but converting to PDF returns error -1016

LS: <LlStgsysConvert() → -1016 (FFFFFC08) (LL_ERR_STG_UNEXPECTED)

not sure why



We would really like to have a closer look at the behavior.

For this we would need the *.ll file, as well as the used code for the storage access.
Additionally a Debwin4-Logfile of the process would be helpful.

For the sake of simplicity, we would like to ask you to open a new case via our support portal and upload the files there. We would then also provide the possible findings here for all users.

Many thanks for your effort.

started a support request and right after submitting it i saw the the issue in the log. one of the parameters was mangled and not passed properly

all fixed. support request closed.

thanks again


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