LL18 multiple table report


Please forgive any naivety here as I am completely new to this software. I have just purchased LL18 standard version, and our IT guy has integrated it with C++. The problem is that neither of us can figure out how to create a report that is linked to multiple tables. All we have managed to do so far is link in one table and it lists the fields in the LL folder of the designer. Ideally we would like a list of all CRM tables to pick and choose the relevant fields but can’t figure out to achieve this. Any assistance greatly received.



Hi Rob,

Welcome to the forums :). Just to get a better understanding - would you also be able to integrate LL using another language (e.g. C#)? While the product performs well in either language, it’s much easier to integrate into C#. If you have to stick to C++, my first look would be the “Printing Multiple Tables and Relations” sample (or similar, my setup is German). While the code is a bit hefty, it does exactly what you’re describing, using the Northwind sample database. For C#, look at the Databinding sample that uses different data sources from XML to SQL Server.

You should also be able to contact the combit staff directly via email or phone - they’re usually very helpful (and sometimes show up in this forum as well).



Hi Dr Gunther

Thank you for your reply. It was most helpful. We are now underway building what we need.

Thanks again.