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Multiple Data Provider


I am trying to send different data source to designer which includes XML files, SQL tables and possible variables and lists.

I tried with XML files and it shows only 1 file in the list without the child nodes.

I tried with DataTable, it shows only 1 table.

I tried with SqlConnectionDataProvider, it shows only 1 table as well.

There must be something missing but I can’t figure it out. Attachment is screenshot of my Data Provider Collection. How do I get the designer to show all the data source?


Dear Cady,
thank you for your note.

Without the content of the XML file to know, it will be difficult to make a statement here.
The screenshot shows LL.DataSource = provider;

Make sure that you assign the correct data source and use the latest version (Service Pack).

Otherwise, I can only recommend our examples to look at this, or to open a support case on the subject.

Kind regards

Erdal Alacali
Technical support
combit GmbH

Thank you for your replay, Erdal.
I have been trying different code from sample with no luck.
I attached 3 screenshots of XML as I wasn’t allow to upload actual XML files.
I noticed while using sample is that when open designer for List type, Application XML shows me 2 groups Application and Item but when open designer for Card type there is only Application. Not entire of XML nodes was displayed. Is there something wrong with my XML files or is it the way LL displays XML data. If so, is there section of document talk about this so that I know how to create proper XML file for LL?

Thank you,

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