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Language (Norwegian, Swedish or Danish) Suggestion


Im new to this forum but heres my question / Improvement request.

My guess is that translating a feature rich product as List & Label to another language is a Pain in the A…

Well don’t!

Of approx 5000 users of our product I see only a hand full actually changing a report, lets call them the superuser or experts.

If the language in the designer is in English? - No problem, they are experts, and English is the second language that pumps through their veins and brains.

But then you got the 4994 other users only running a report, and they need everything in their own language or it just stops.

So here`s (finally) my question / suggestion.:

  1. Is there a “only previewer” language pack?
  2. If not, why not?
  3. Can Combit make one?
  4. I Would love a LLPview(Hjob,“English option”,“Norwegian option” in the API. (IR)

Translating only the previewer I guess can be made by relative short time compared to the whole product.


Hi Tor-Bjarne,

Thanks for this suggestion. I fully understand your request, however, currently there is no such option.

Many users will still prefer a “full” translation, depending on the country they’re coming from. Willingness to work in English strongly varies with the culture even in Europe.

Many strings and some of the dialogs are shared between the Designer and Preview parts of the product. As we never planned for a separation of the two, these strings are distributed all over the resources.

If you require a Norwegian version and would be willing to work with us towards providing one don’t hesitate to contact us anytime - we’d be happy to see if we can find a benefical solution for both parties.

Thanks again for your request,


Jochen Bartlau
combit GmbH


Yes, I would be willing to translate to Norwegian.

You got my email that is: tor-the-at-sign-industrisoftware.no


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