Creating document with List and label

We have one requirement where, we want to create the document based on tagged values in text.
for example : Document will have line as My name is {{taggedField}}. Where {{taggedField}} can be selected from fields list in list and label.
I was trying this but I was not able to tag Fields in my document. Which is making it hard fullfill my requirement. Is there anything that I am missing? Is it any way which could help me to achieve this result?

I have an interest in this topic as well. Also, could you explain the difference between the lbl files and lab files?

It seems like that the ExpressionEvaluator is your friend in this case, the class has a method called evaluate, in there you can pass your text with the tagged fields and get the result of the evaluated final text.

Just check the combit .net docu (if you use .NET):

also you getting some results if you search for the class in this forum.
Maybe the combit guys have some sample for you.
Good luck.

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In this case, do you mean a simple concatenation of fixed text with a value from the data source? Could something like this help?

Or does the solution approach mentioned by @Erdal_Alacali come into question?

Otherwise, please let us know your exact target requirement, so that we can work out a possible implementation together.

The ‘*.lab’-Files are used in our DemoApplication for label examples, if the default language of the DemoApplication ist set to English. This just for better distinction of german and english label files.

These file extensions are only default values and can be changed using LlSetFileExtensions() or LlSetOptionString(). Please compare the Programmer’s Manual.

Hi Onursal, thank you that make perfect sense.

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