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Issue with row height

I use Combit List & Label on a Website to export reports to Excel/Pdf.

I don’t use the Viewer. I only want to download the exported report.

After deploying on the clients server, the reports come up with huge row height( 1 row pro page )

On my development machine I don’t have this issue.

Is this a bug or I forgot to do something?

Thank you

Hello Catalin,

thank you for your post.

Does it appear in both PDF and Excel files? The behavior could be caused by a formula and different locales on the server and clients. Are you using a fixed height for one of the columns? In that case you should use the designer function UnitFromSCM to be independent of the selected print unit. UnitFromSCM converts SCM-Unit (1/1000 mm) to the print unit (inch/mm).

Best regards,

Christian Rauchfuß
Technical Support
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