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Font size and Font is not unique in export excel file

I am using LL version 23.2. With this version when I am facing font issue in downloaded report as excel file. Font size in excel is not unique, if you go down in excel you will found different font and font size and second issue is, it is always download .xls format not the .xlsx .
I have also checked same on below URL and it is working same as my version.

Can you please let me know if we have fix for above points.

Hi Hemant, welcome to our community :slight_smile:.

I was unable to reproduce the first issue, however I seem to remember a problem with too many different formats being stored to XLS. I’d suggest to test this with the current version 25 or with the XLSX format.

However I was able to reproduce the unavailability of this format in the HTML5 viewer. I’ll trigger a colleague of mine to look at this so we’d at least be able to support XLSX in LL25 as well. Shouldn’t be too hard to change this, the XLSX export functionality is baked into the product already, we just need to make use of it in the HTML5 viewer. Stay tuned.

Hello Jochen Bartlau,

Thanks for your quick reply.


@Hemant_Patnecha We were able to implement a workaround for XLSX not being available. Starting with 25.002, you can use LL. ExportOptions.Add(LlExportOption.XlsFileFormat, "1"); in the OnListLabelRequest handler to force the HTML5 viewer exporting to XLSX. If you’d like to check this with the trial we could provide you with a hotfix.

Also, the wrong character fonts being used (see above) should meanwhile be fixed. We’ll have to check if the online demo uses deprecated modules, thanks for the heads-up!

Hi @jbartlau,

Currently I am using 23.2 version and for me LL 25 is available to download as per my license but no idea if this version include fix for xlsx or not.
To fix these problems I have to upgrade 25.002 version or is it possible to fix this in 23.2 version?


You’ll have to upgrade to 25.001 (the first service pack is due this week) and then get a hotfix that won’t make it to the service pack as the QA folks have already finished their job on 25.001. Just drop a short note to our support staff quoting this thread if you’d like to get your hands on a hotfix.

Hi @jbartlau,

Thanks for fixing this, I have raised support ticket for hotfix.


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