Is there a way to filter out weekends and/or holidays?

I am using the Web Designer in Cartegraph. I would like to filter out weekends and holidays that are between two dates (I am using a DateInRange function).

For example, I would like to calculate the total amount of ‘Workable Hours’ between Jan 1 and Jan 31, which would be pretty easy if it were static, but I want to future proof the report for whatever date range is selected. For this example time period, I would need to filter out weekends and New Years Day.

Please let me know if there any more details that could help! This is on version 28.

Hello James and welcome to our community.

Your requirement could be implemented with a designer function that contains the necessary filter functions and, for example, also takes state-specific holidays into account. Such a function would have to be created by Cartegraph and made available as part of a DLL. The web application would then have to be configured so that the DLL, containing the designer function is also loaded with the Application.

As mentioned, only Cartegraph can customise the application in this way. If required, we can work out a possible implementation together with Cartegraph.

Hi James,
maybe you can use DOW(date) for filtering weekends (dow(yourDate) > 1 and dow (yourDate) < 7).

for holidays: it depends on the country and region. Perhaps you can define one more user variables like:
@holidaysInGermany_Bavaria= (yourDate = date(“01.01.2024”) or yourDate = date(“06.01.2024”) or yourdate = date(“29.03.2024”) or …

It is a lot of work und changes every year, but maybe it’s a solution for you.