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I have a report that needs to input a large quantity of IDs and give some output.
The amount of IDs varies each time. The closest thing I have right now is to create a parameter in a report and use ‘From Predefined Values’ then I would manually have to go in and enter each ID value.
Is there syntax I can use in the system where it is easier and I could enter the parameter all on one line for the value? It would be great if one of the parameter options was ‘From file’ then it would take in a csv file with the values that I am concerned with at that time.

Alternatively, is there a way to use an ‘IN’ list in a report filter?
Right now the thing that will work is to use as many ‘OR’ statements as are needed for the ID set however this too is cumbersome and still requires the manipulation of combining the statements together.

Ultimately I need to be able to input a large quantity of IDs and then the report is already set up to retrieve the data that I need. What is the best way to input a set of data into the system as a parameter?


Hi Bill,

Have you tried to use the “From Datasource” option? You could use a CsvDataProvider to access your ID file and add your actual data to the mix by using a DataProviderCollection. This way it should be possible to get what you’re describing.

For multi-value report parameters, this is the default. An ID=@ParameterName in a filter condition automatically expands to an IN query at runtime if the report parameter supports multiple values.

Unfortunately I do not have the ability to use any programming functions.

Is there an efficient way then to add all of the IDs as parameter values in Designer without doing it manually? For example a syntax to add multiple values all in one go?

You’d probably need to ask the developers of your application then to proceed as described - that’s the best idea I can think of, unfortunately.

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No worries, I did end up coming up with a solution for my need out of the application.

Thank you

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