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DateTimeOffset Option for filters in ReportDesigner

I suggest to implement the following feature:

I advice to implement the DateTimeOffset function so that the time filters can be specified in the designer.

A typical use case might be:

For our Company a typical usecase is, to display a table with energy values ​​that were loaded on a day with different times. To filter these energy values, we need this DateTimeOffSet option.

Wouldn’t a “normal” filter like DateInRange(Orders.OrderDate, Now(), AddHours(Now(),-2)) work in your case? This would filter for all Orders that were created in the last two hours. What exactly would be missing for your requirements?

Hello Mr. Bartlau,

thanks for your suggestion and also sorry for my delayed response.
To be honest your suggestion does not help us in any way, we need a solution for different timezones. due to the fact that all values in our database are saved in UTC. Without DateTimeOffset, we have no chance to “guess” from which Timezone this request through the Designer is from.

Another problem is to represent summertime and wintertime: without DateTimeOffset, the output of the energyvalues looks like some values are missing in the timesspan of 2:30 am, this is because of the fact that the values in the Reports should be in LocalTime, not UTC.

Hope that makes the problem clear.

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