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Enable filtering in the user variables dialog


(Christian Egging) #1

With a large amount of user variables, changing them makes it difficult to find the correct location.
That’s why a search would be very helpful.

Likewise, it would be an advantage if the variables could be sorted by name (without changing the order of processing)

(combit - Jochen Bartlau) #2

Nice idea, I know your projects very well :wink: . UI could look something like this and mimic the behavior of the tree view searches:

Would that work for you (besides the sorting which is tricky to achieve given that the displayed order is also the evaluation order).

(Christian Egging) #3

Looks good.
This will do the work :slight_smile:
Sorting would not be necessary then.
Could this be part of the next Service Pack ?

(combit - Jochen Bartlau) #4

Unfortunately no - we try to avoid adding string resources as we usually translate strings only once per year for every major release. I’ll keep it in mind if we should need to do a translation rountrip for other reasons. If you urgently require this feature we could offer a customization just in German for you, though, and release it sometimes later once the translations have been made. PM me anytime if that is of interest.

(combit - Jochen Bartlau) #5

On the backlog for LL25.