Enable filtering in the user variables dialog

With a large amount of user variables, changing them makes it difficult to find the correct location.
That’s why a search would be very helpful.

Likewise, it would be an advantage if the variables could be sorted by name (without changing the order of processing)

Nice idea, I know your projects very well :wink: . UI could look something like this and mimic the behavior of the tree view searches:

Would that work for you (besides the sorting which is tricky to achieve given that the displayed order is also the evaluation order).

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Looks good.
This will do the work :slight_smile:
Sorting would not be necessary then.
Could this be part of the next Service Pack ?

Unfortunately no - we try to avoid adding string resources as we usually translate strings only once per year for every major release. I’ll keep it in mind if we should need to do a translation rountrip for other reasons. If you urgently require this feature we could offer a customization just in German for you, though, and release it sometimes later once the translations have been made. PM me anytime if that is of interest.

On the backlog for LL25.