Image - not enough space

Version 26, Windows 10. I’m printing some relatively small images, most of which print as expected. I’ve encountered 1 image that causes “not enough space (reason #5)” error and makes L&L go into an endless loop. I’ve got the image showing in a Picture object and the line height set to 0 so that it isn’t restricted. Other images are larger in number of pixels so I don’t understand the error. Debugger output and image attached

Hello Robert,

I had a short look at your logfile (which also contains sensitive data) and could see just version 26.001 of List & Label is used - and of course your mentioned problem. First: Please get the latest official service pack 26.005 from your account downloaded and installed for checking if the problem may already be solved.

Otherwiese the image itself does not look very special for rendering in List & Label. Seems some detailed settings within the used project file could solve the behavior.

  • for table lines exists settings to be ably to try keep lines together - see Keep Data Together or Keep Line Defintions Together
  • Maybe the table line has defined any kind of Spacing to define distance (top and bottom) to other table lines
  • the image object itself contains the Frame property to define any kind of margines within the table cell

If all the points above and also the service pack does not solve the behavior, we need a new logfile and of course the used project file to be able to see all the defined properties. But therefore please create a new support case at our Support Center.

Daniel Stein

BTW: Because of the sensitive data within the provided logfile I recommended to delete it from this post.

Thanks for the reply & suggestions. I installed the latest service pack and went over the other suggestions but don’t see where any of them had any effect. What I’m doing is extremely simplistic. And as to the quality of the image, it’s a simple screen shot, I’m not sure what you mean by “the image itself does not look very special for rendering in List & Label”. Is there something I should look to change or correct in the image? I submitted case number: [W202206090005]

-Bob Worsley

You are welcome.

For List & Label, the image’s properties (color depth, format, dimensions, etc.) are nothing out of the normal and it should be possible to display it - at least, that’s what the first look at the image showed me. I think we’ll do some more detailed research here in Support first and then come back to you.

In my initial effort to show images I set the line height of the picture object to 0 so that it would hopefully set it’s own size. This morning I set it to an arbitrary fixed size of 3.5 inches which stopped the looping and allowed the image to print. It’s not an optimal solution since in some cases the image takes up little space on the page and leaves the rest blank instead of printing the following small amount of text. A step forward though.