Image or Drawing stretch

I am creating a report with 3 large images on it. I want the images to be stretched to fill the box size created in the designer. I am not bothered about the image distorting, just want it to stretch to the box area.

I have tried editing the properties in every way imaginable but cannot get it to stretch as I would like.

The image is created using a formula with a Drawing object. I pass a URL to the drawing object to create the image.

Does anybody know of a way to stretch this image?

Any help will be greatly appreciated


Hello David and welcome to the List & Label community.

By box area, do you mean the layout area? Or do you mean the image area used?

If you mean the layout area, you can access the page coordinates using the LL variables.
In the following picture we use the coordinates of the printable area from the printer to fill the picture as a background.

If you mean the area used in the picture object and want to fill the picture, you would have to set the “Keep Proportions” property to “NO”, as in the following picture.

If both solutions don’t help, I would ask you to briefly explain it again, thank you very much.

Hi, thanks for your reply.

Maybe I did not explain it clearly enough. The issue is that I want the image to stretch and fill the frame of the drawing object. I have the object properties as below:

However, when the report is produced the image does not stretch at all.

Hi David,
that looks like those are the margins from the image, I can’t see that so without the image, could I please ask you to upload the image you are using.
One more question, which List & Label version do you use?

Hi Erdal

We use L+L v25
This is the image being used, I don’t believe it has any margins?

I can’t reproduce the behavior with the image, what did you set under the “Position” property?
For testing I used version 25.004 and our sample application, maybe you could test it once with our sample application.

Otherwise we would recommend that you open a support case and edit the case there, in the support portal there are other options for editing, which are not possible here in the forum.

Below you will find my test with the image.

It looks like you are just looking at the image via the designer, as I said earlier, this behaviour happens when the report is actually produced. The position property is all hard coded measurements.

We intend to try the service pack out asap, but I am not confident this will fix it.

I have just tested with the same image using the sample project and it resizes correctly. However, when I try with the same image using our web reporting system, the image remains the same as it was beforehand, not resized. Might it be related to the way th report files are saved? using a database and a repo, instead of a physical file? Other than that I can see no difference?

Our development department is still analyzing the described behavior.

For the sake of simplicity, we would like to ask you to open a case on this topic in the support portal. The possible solution to the problem would then of course also be posted here.

I have created a support ticket for this issue.

It won’t let me add a link here so