Printer Margins issue after upgrade

I am updating our application from List & Label 12 to 17. From the coding everything was seemless with almost no code changes. However I’ve run across a strange issue that I haven’t been able to figure out. Many of the templates that were created in version 12 are adding the printer’s margins to the left and top. (So in other words many templates print a quarter or half inch further down and left on the page than they did in version 12). Playing with the force page size and use physical do not make any changes. But if I print a sample from the designer it will print in the correct position (exactly where it prints in version 12) and from that point on will print in the application in the correct spot until I shut down the application. When I relaunch the app it reverts back to printing with the extra space. Both the lst and the lsp files are identical before and after printing the sample page, so I don’t know what setting is making it print correctly or where it is being stored. Anybody run across this before?

Thanks in advance,

Jeremy Manchester

Actually a few hours later I believe I discovered this issue. This is a .NET project and I use pagesettings to set the printer tray. It seems that List & Label 17 now takes the pagesettings’s margin into account. I set the pagesettings to zero instead of using the default margins and it has corrected the issue.

Nevermind, the margins are inconsistant. Sometimes they are there and sometimes they aren’t. Has anybody had issues with this?