Group By on Footer line in version 24 is broken?

We have used LL since ver 8 and have stepped through 8 ->12 ->15 ->18 ->20 and then most recently to version 24. Two reports that have worked all of these years buy now don’t seem to have trouble with a “Group By” on a Footer Line where the field is not a natural string. So in the past we had a Group By that converted a Numeric Field to a string like this:
Str$(APCust.Serial_#,0,0) . For years this has worked. In version 24, I found that the GroupBy parameter will ONLY allow a pure TEXT field to be used,. It errors out when using a Numeric field converted to a Text String.

Does anybody have a workaround or a suggestion?

I just tested it with the demo application. It works fine.
Maybe you could post the error or the error log?


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Hi Marco… I actually found that the problem is because the Field name contains “_#” in it… for example:


And it just isn’t in the group footers,… it is anywhere. I won’t print that field.