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# no longer allowed in field names?

I updated to LL24 from LL20 and found that any fieldname that includes a number sign “#”, an error is generated and the report will not function. It is not possible to change the fieldnames so that they don’t include a “#”. Any solutions?

Hi Michael,

the fact you were able to use these in previous versions was actually unintended. However we figured that there are a couple of projects out there that were using this “feature”. Thus, there’s a compatibility option: LL_OPTION_COMPAT_ALLOW_INVALID_CHARS_IN_SINGLEFIELDFORMULA with value 319. In .NET, you’d set it this way:


Other languages accordingly - let us know if this helps.

Thanks Jochen

Yes this does allow the “#” to be part of the fieldname. When doing formulas, it does not colour the fieldname in bold red like the other fieldnames, but it works. I had to downgrade my customer late yesterday though because they needed to print reports and invoices and we weren’t certain of when we would have a resolution. This does allow me now to proceed with more testing before re-releasing it.

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Good to hear it’s working now. Actually, as Bernhard pointed out in the DAW forum, “#” is not a supported character in a fieldname. That’s also the reason why the field is not highlighted in the function wizard - the field is not recognized as being valid. However we tried to make sure that it should still work as before. Marking this thread as resolved then, feel free to come back if you encounter other issues.

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