Forcing pagebreak when table runs over one page

Hello, first post. And I’m fairly new to L&L.
We just jumped from 9 to 21 for use with our application. I have a simple invoice form where a text box with terms and conditions print on the second page.

If the table data runs over to a second page the text box is printing on top of the table data and not being output to a new page.

I have tried with pagebreak and pagebreak before set to yes on the text box and break after set to yes on the last line of the group footer.

The form was created in LL9 and with only 40% certainty I can say this was working before, unfortunately I can’t roll the system back and run the code that used LL9.

I tried to attach the form files and also zipped without luck any suggestions or abuse are greatly appreciated.

Kind regards.

Hi Hank,

Welcome to our small community :). From what you’ve written I understand you want the terms and conditions on a new page after the table. It should work if you link it to the table (e.g. by dragging it in the object window and dropping it on the table. Next, set its appearance condition to “LastPage()” and then set the “Wrap before” property to true. That’s what I’d do.


Hello Gunther,

Thank you for the reply. I’m new to the LL terminology so I assume when you mean link, you drag the text box over the table and when the table outline turns blue/highlights, you position and release the text box.

I am having difficulty finding a property Wrap Before on the table or the text box properties. I did a search in both the table and text box wrap properties without luck.

Here is where it is interesting, the t&c page will print on the second page if the table fits on one or less/partial page. If the table goes over the first page, the table is output on the second not the third page. If I set lastpage() on the text box it causes our application to close. This makes me suspect something in how the developer is outputting the form.

Is there a way to make the t&c a second or separate page on the form which then might output after the table?

Thank you in advance for your time and input. I am sorry for my minimal knowledge of the LL product as this was just handed to me.

Kind regards.

Hi Hank,

The fact that the application just closes if you change the appearance condition sounds very strange. If you can get a hold of the dev in charge for it, I’d ask them what’s wrong because from the LL side, this is perfectly right.

If your T&C sheet matches the dimensions of the table, using a footer line for it would also be feasible. You could just download the trial version of LL, it comes with a sample application that shows some of the tricks (you’ll want to look at the invoice printing), including a reverse side T&C print.


Wanted to post back with a resolution.

I spoke to the developer who produced the LL classes for the language we use and came up with bit of a solution.

I created the T&C’s as footer lines with the lastpage() property set. I then set Fixed Size on the table properties to false. The T&C’s print after the group footer and fill the page from top to bottom.

Not a 100% perfect solution to what the customer wants but it behaves properly and the T&C’s are not overwriting the table like they were before.

Thanks again for all the help.