I have a table (Main) with sub elements. I wish to page break when the last sub element has printed.

If I add, “PageBreak Condition” to TRUE, everything works fine—the page breaks occurr where I want them—except that a page break also occurs on the very first page, the net result being a report header and the rest of the first page being blank.

I also tried adding a page break on the last sub element (Parts 9) but that didn’t work at all.

PageBreak Condition allows for a formula so I went to look for a “NotOnFirstPage” type of system variable but I couldn’t find one.

Can anyone tell me how to conditionally suppress a page break on the first page?

Thank you


Try not Page() =1 as condition :slight_smile: - that should do the trick.

Thank you so much, Jochen; that worked perfectly. I made the mistake of originally trying to use, Page$().

Question: Is there a criterial I can use to determine whether a string function like “Page$()” can also be used as a numerical function? is is simply a matter of removing the “$” symbol?

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There are very few functions that are available both as string and number return value. However, you can always use ToNumber(…) to convert any type to numeric.