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Page Break Before not Working?

Using the following structure:
[Table → 5 pages
Text object → 2 pages
PDF object → 4 pages]
Table - Text link works as expected. (end-of forcing a Page Break)
Text object next to the actual text has at the end of the actual text the SetVar(“Something”,“something”), so that the PDF Object can have Apperance Condition → NOT IsNullOrEmpty(GetVar(“Something”)).
The text object has to have the Page Break, so that all of the text is printed (2 pages).
The Pdf object has the Page Break Before and Page Break set to true so 4 pages are to be printed.
What happens:
Page 1-5 → Table [expected]
Page 6 → 1st page of text [alone]
Page 7 → 2nd page of text [overlap with 1st page of PDF - should be second page of text alone]
Page 8 → 2nd page of PDF
Page 9 → 3rd page of PDF
Page 10 → 4th page of PDF

Why isn’t Page Break working or am I misunderstanding the way it works completely? Any ideas how to have the desired result?

Exact same situation in v19 designer: 1 page of table, 2 pages of text, 2 pages of pdf → as expected

Unfortunately, this question can not be solved in the forum. We need additional information that cannot be exchanged through the forum platform.I’d suggest to open a support case via our support portal at https://www.combit.net/en/support-center/. Please copy any pertinent information from this thread into the case description and upload the used report file. Thank you.

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