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Dynamic Multi Selection Report Parameter

Is there a way to have a multi selection report parameter where the predefined values are based on multiple data records? I tried using the variable from the records, but only the value from the first record is used, none of the others.

In this example I want to be able to see “SG Woodgrain Lam” as well as “3/4 Maple Ply” in the report parameter values.

Depending on your data source you should see an entry “From Data Source” in the “Available Values” drop down. This should do exactly what you’re looking for.

If it’s not there: How do you bind to the data? Which programming language do you use?

Unfortunately, my only options for Available Values are From Predefined Values and Manual Input.

I’m using List & Label as it is integrated into another software I use, but I can tell that they are running an SQL query to generate the data. I’m happy to provide any other data that would help you troubleshoot why I don’t have the From Data Source option.

I think you’d need to turn to the vendor in this case and ask them to contact us. If possible, this would need to be changed in the application.

I can try that, but they do give us access to modify the data source ourselves. Is there something in particular that I could look for that results in From Data Source to not show up as an option?

You’d really need programmatic access to the source code in order to check this out. Merely changing the connection string or database will not suffice, unfortunately.

Ok, thank you for the information. I will try to convince them to contact you, though I’m not sure they will be willing to put in the effort just for me :sweat_smile:

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