Dinamic display area for report parameters


Tipically my reports have an area at the top to display the selected parameters used to execute the report, and the table below.
That area has a fixed size, no matter how many selections are checked for the report.
I was requested to make that area dinamic in size in order to fit as many parameters as the user selects (exception for ALL where it displays that string).
So, for example, if i have a list of 1.000.000 choices and the user selects 999.999, i need space available for those 999.999 parameters (regardless of the consequencies - i don´t think it makes sense and do not know how many pages it will need and how awful will be a page full of comma separated strings… :woozy_face: , but that was what i was asked to do) and then the table below.

Attached you can see a report and the green is where i currently have the parameters (fixed size).



Hello Carlos,

you may want to have a look at the following chapter of the designer’s manual: Outputting Free Content Before and After a Table.

Otherwise you can use object linking.

I hope that these infromation are suitable to answer your question! :slight_smile:

Hello Patrick,

Thanks for your links, i will have a look into them.



Hello @ppreuschoff ,

Can you also tell me what is necessary to open with ‘report container’ option available in ‘insert’ tab?
Is there a flag/parameter/dll to enable it when opening List & Labels 26?
I only have the following objects:

and none of them is the ‘report container’ :confused:


In this case you should stick to linking your table to an object. Supporting the report container would require changes to your application. Details are documented here: https://docu.combit.net/progref/en/#!Documents/printingrelationaldata.htm