Error in Depending On tool

Hello! I am not getting values in the Depending On tool when I configure the report parameters. I need the values that appear for the “Team” parameter to depend on the chosen date “DateFrom” and “DateTo”.

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as the description of the property “Depending On” in the dialog says, that depending on report parameters can only be defined for other report parameters, if they are base on the real data source (not from manual input or from predefined values - see option Available Values). It seems all the other defined report parameters listed in your dialog are not data source base.

Hi Oliver,
I am sending you a screenshot of the databases configured for example for “Planta” and “Equipo”, it is the same, however in “Equipo” it does not appear so that it depends on the “Planta” chosen.

That’s what you mean?

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Seen here from a distance and as can be seen in the screenshots, the conditions for a dependent report parameter actually seem to be fulfilled to me.

However, what occurs to me on closer inspection: Is there a valid relation in the registered data model based on the table Equipos.Destino for the @Planta report parameter? Or are there no relations in the data model for this table? This could also be a meaningful condition for dependent parameters.

Following your instructions, we tried a query of a complete table (without connection to other tables). We make two parameters, each referring to columns of the same table. The option still does not appear in the drop-down list.

Oh, please excuse me: I actually meant that there has to be a relation and that it can’t work without a relation. I had a quick look at this in one of the examples provided in the sample application (DemoApplication29.exe) - Report: Charts with Report

Only one dependent parameter can be set, if the parent parameter @Categories is based on a table that also has corresponding relations to other tables - here at least to Products:

I am concerned that it cannot work without such a relation between the tables.