Design Question - Report Containers

working on a design for a report that is supposed to print a document per client with a block of standard information such as name, address etc and then blocks of additional information most of them in tables such as emergency contacts and other information

one question is regarding the report containers and tables for the contacts. i want contacts to print in a list that expands to show all contacts. i dont want another page to print with the same information and more of the contacts. i also have multiple list like this with different tables.

what is the proper way to design this in L&L



Hi Mike,

To implement your requirement you can use the “Expandable Region” property. Please make sure to use the contacts table as a child in a 1:n relation to your client data.

For further illustration plese see the attached sample project for our demo application.

Sub reports and relations with expandable region.lsr (67.8 KB)

You can open the sample project with the help of our demo application “DemoApplication27.exe”, via “Reports” (you may have to rename the file extension to *.srt, if you are using the demo in english).

thanks. Not sure if this really works for this case but maybe i am missing another piece

attached see the report i am trying to create

the data model is a class called FaceSheetModel that has a property called Client (type Contact) with all the client data. it also has a property called Contacts that is a List of Contact type objects

the data model can be changed of course to make this work.

looking at the expandable region property it was disabled.

what i would need is for all the tables to expand. Also not sure how that would then go across multiple pages.

thanks for your help


Hi Mike,

In this case it would be useful to work with two sub-tables. In the attached example it looks like this:

In this example, we have attached the sub-table “Orders” twice to a “Customers” table. In the sub-tables, different fields are displayed independently of each other. (135.4 KB)

getting back to this. I did a test design with multiple tables

one issue i am running into is that if one of the tables has more records it prints another page with all the tables on the second page some of course empty

what i would like is for one of the tables to simply print all the rows until finished possibly going to the next page and then start printing the next table.

You can add all the tables to just one report container. See my reply to a similar request on Stack Overflow here: listlabel - Linking List & Label Report Containers with Additional Text - Stack Overflow

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