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Two tables in same report


I have a query that is returning maximum and average data rows.
My requirement is to display on separate tables (max after average).
In .lst i placed 2 tables (one above the other) and put the desired data columns on each.
Problem on layout is that for every page i have 2 tables, whereas i would like the second table to show only after ALL data of first is displayed.

In this case, simply place the second table in the same report container. See my reply to a similar question over on Stack Overflow:

Hello @jbartlau,

Thanks for reply, but see the attachment please, cause i do not find the report container.


Ah, bummer - are you the developer of this application? Or are you using an application that was provided to you?

Well, i am using this application that was provided to me, but i have the developer that created the application that is calling the LL on the same room with me :star_struck:

So he could change the way things work and use either a .NET/Delphi/C++ DataProvider or read the documentation for LlDbAddTable etc., depending what language the application is written in.

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