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Copy report container

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Hi, first sry for mi english in a spanish customer.

The reason of this post is I need to use a copy of a report container in the same paper.
I have to use the original container in the top of the paper and a copy behind with the same data.
Its for make a “invoice” to customer and interlocutor in the same paper.


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It’s about L&L 15

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Hi Roberto,
thank you for your post.

You can´t copy the report container, but you can copy the used tables, you must insert the table twice in the report container.

As long as each table requires a maximum of 1/2 pages, this should be possible without any problems.

Best regards,

Erdal Alacali
Technical Support
combit GmbH

(Guest) #4

i will try make something with this that you say, i will post the result :slight_smile:
Thnks Erdal.

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I try it now with the 2 tables that you say, but i dont know how to make a table with this size. I try serveral ways but dont work.
this is mi actual way that im trying, it makes a page break printing 1 table in 1 page and the other table in diff page:


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Hi Roberto,
thank you for your post.
You are using a continuous table, so it is not possible to set the height for the table by using the databinding mode.
What you can try (not recommended because very complex) is, to work here with LlPrintEnableObject() and an own print loop.
In the followed Knowledgebase article you see more information about the API “LlPrintEnableObject”, also in the manual programmers reference.


Best][/url] regards,

Erdal Alacali
Technical Support
combit GmbH