Condition for using superscript

I am trying to use superscript for data column of the grid. So I have a condition to display superscript, but I don’t have any ideas what the correct format for RTF. “1” should be as superscript.

Any help would be appreciated.

Hello Igor,

to accomplish that you just need to split up the two different parts into two separate formulas so that if your code returns true or “1” your output will be formatted correctly in superscript and in any other case not.

For example:

«ToRTF$(@Stages.StageName)» + «if(@CombitSampleDataTests.Accredited, “1”)» + «if(@CombitSampleDataTests.Accredited,"", “2”)»

For a even better understanding i have attached you a small sample:
List.lst (15.7 KB)


Hello Martin,
thanks a lot for your help. It works fine for me, but I have another issue with this grid :slight_smile: I will create new topic.

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