Page Numbering


I have a report that displays a large amount of information per record. Sometimes the data for one record will wrap to a second or third page.

Currently I am displaying the page number at the top of each page in the header as "Page “+Page$()+” of "+TotalPages$() . I would like for this page number to display the number of pages per record instead of total page number and total printed pages.

e.g. I select 2 records to print. Record A takes up 2 pages and record B will take up 3 pages. What I would like to see on the top of record A would be Page 1 of 2 on page 1 and page 2 of 2 on page 2. Same number for Record B.

Is this possible?

Hi Jared,

thank you for your post.

In that case you have to reset the page counter after printing the each single record using “LlPrintResetProjectState()”. When using .NET you can set the AutoMasterMode to “AsVariables”, then “LlPrintResetProjectState()” will be executed automatically.

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Christian Rauchfuß
Technical Support
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