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Howto use ToRTF function

(Guest) #1

We are using LL16 through the DLL interface in a Progress OpenEdge application.
We have LIST project in which cells are configured as TEXT.
We would like use some special font in one of these cells based on the contents of the cell.

E.g. if the value from the database is “?” then we would like to show e.g. “No Value [color=red]Please correct[/color]” in that cell . Note the Bold+Italic and color within the string.

I was hoping to achieve this using the ToRTF$ function, but whatever I do, I cannot get this to work. All I see is the litteral RTF codes I am trying to sent.

The manual is not very clear on this and I also have never done this before, so I would appreciate any help.

My questions:

  1. Do I need to set the property of the cell to TEXT or RTF ?
  2. Can anyone provide a sample RTF string that I can pass to ToRTF$ function which displays e.g the text “This is a Test string” (note that the word Test is to be in bold).
  3. Are there any specific job setting I need to set/verify to turn this functionality on?



(Guest) #2


use a RTF cell type, and set the contents to <<if (value=’?’,‘no value’,value>><<if (value=’?’,’, please correct’>> and set the second formula to red, italicized.