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Codabar checksum

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I was told that Codabar is self-checking, it does not define a check digit. And if it is in crystal report, checksum digits are automatically calculated by [color=black]Codabar[/color]][/url] Barcode Generator for Crystal Reports.

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Hi Beverly,

thank you for your post.

Unfortunately we don’t know what task you want to solve. Please send some more detailed information.

In our List & Label Sample Application (…\combit\LL19\Sample Application\lldemo32.exe) you can see how to use barcodes (section “Barcodes”).

Or visit our combit barcode generator:

In][/url] your designer manual codabar is described as follows:

Codabar Format: fnnnnnf
Permitted characters: f = frame code [A-D], n = [0-9], [-$:/.+]
Every character is either 23+61 (characters ‘0’…‘9’, ‘-’, ‘$’) or
33+51 (characters ‘:’, ‘/’, ‘.’, ‘+’, ‘A’…‘D’) bar widths wide. The
characters for the frame code will not be printed with the text. [/quote]

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