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Auto resize table

I want to know something about tables and datalines.

In other programs, I have differents tables with different number of columns, 3, 5, 10 columns, etc
I would like to have a design for print this tables with all data. In the other program, I send the information of the table
and the program print the table with all data. The program calculate the number of columns and resize each column and text to print all data correctly.

For example, I have 1 design for my tables and the table width is 100mm.
If I send a table with 3 columns this design will print the 3 columns with 33 mm each.
If I send a table with 6 columns this design will print the 5 columns with 22 mm each.

There are any form to do this in combit easily or I will need to define 10, 20, or x fields (for each column), check the number of fields for print and calculate the size with formulas?



Hello Jordi,

thank you for your post.

Since this request has been opened as a seperate support case I would like to post our suggestions to this thread for all forum users:

Unfortunately there is no such option to automatically define fields conceirning your data, but there is a way that you can implement such an option by yourself with the help of the DOM-API (5.8. Using the DOM-API (Professional/Enterprise Edition Only), at page 123 in your Programmers Reference).

You can have a closer look at the .NET Simple DOM Sample ("…\combit\LL19\Programmable Examples and Declarations\Microsoft .NET\C# Simple DOM Sample"). Here you can see how columns can be passed and how they will be set for the desired width.

The way you imagine to solve the problem is also a possibility - if you add as much fields as you can in your report you have to do the calculation for the width of each and every field by yourself. Please note that this might have an extended maintenance due to the complexity and everything should be changed while adding/deleting only one field.

Best regards,

Patrick Preuschoff
Technical Support
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