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CODABAR barcode issue

When i try to print a CODABAR barcode on the list of value:
Barcode (“B2555551001960457D”,“Codabar”)
No barcode printes and desiner shows error:
“Barcode text has wrong format”

When I try
Barcode (“B2555551001960457B”,“Codabar”)
it works fine as long as start and end char are the same and any of ABCD.
However barcode I try to print for Canada Post has B as start and D as teh end char.

Structure of a Codabar Barcode allow different start - end character.
f=[ABCD], n=[0-9], [-$:/.+]


Dear Dusan,

thank you for your post.

We were able to reproduce this behavior with your test string and applied a change to the CODABAR format checking code. You can find this fix in the next service pack.

Best regards,

Patrick Preuschoff
Technical Support
combit GmbH

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