Purchasing Combit for use with "Vendor" program

Hello all,

I am using List & label v21 which is included as part of a manufacturing program. I believe this is what is known as a “Vendor” version and does not provide all the options as the “Stand Alone” purchased version.

Here is my question:

If I purchase a new version of Combit, can I write reports in the new version and then import them into the manufacturing program that uses the vendor version?

This particular program used to use Crystal Reports and when that was the case, I was able to use my Crystal Reports Developer program to create reports and add them to the existing reports.

Is this possible with Combit?

Thank you

List & Label is a pure developer tool, there is no way to update the version in an application without being the developer of this application. You’d need to ask your vendor to update the application to the latest version and maybe also upgrade to a different edition, depending on what’s missing for you.

Just a small idea, if the manufacturer does not update the program.
There is the Report Server from combit, there you can manage your own data sources and create new reports, if you have access to the database you could test it, I think combit has a trial for the Report Server, maybe it helps you, you never know :wink:

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Yes, of course - the report server can be used without being a developer at all. However, your reports would then “live” in the report server, there is no way to fulfil

that way. But if the re-import is not a top priority @Erdal_Alacali’s idea might work for you, too.

Thank you both for replying.

Jochen, I didn’t quite understand what you meant by,

" However, your reports would then “live” in the report server, there is no way to fulfil that way. But if the re-import is not a top priority @Erdal_Alacali’s idea might work for you, too."

FYI: I do have access to the database.

In my vendor version, there is a “Report Center” in which all the reports reside. Are you saying that I would be unable to populate the report center with a revised report but rather, would have to call the report externally using another method? The Vendor version does include a programmable button series which are linked to the registry entries the purpose of which is to add a script to call a 3rd party program.


I think that this means that the reports are in the Report Server and are also managed there and therefore would not be available in the “Report Center” of the current application. So it would be two different systems as far as the reports are concerned.

Tip: The Report Server itself also has a own REST API - this could be used to request specific reports. And if the “Report Center” also provides buttons/scripts/functions etc., you could then specifically use the REST API of the Report Server to retrieve a report there.

I would suggest to try the Report Server with the trial version. As far as I know, it is available online on combit’s website for quick testing - without installation. And if you want to test it with your own data source, reports and the REST API, you can also get the installer from the Report Server Trial, so you can install it on your own computer/network.


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Thank you for that information. I will look into this

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