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LL21: White colored font shows up black in table headers

(Gerold L.) #1

Hi @all!

When I opened an existing report that was designed in LL20 in the LL21 designer I realized that the originally white colored text in the table headers had turned to black text. I didn’t manage to switch it into wite text again, but i could switch to red, green, purple. Selecting “white” made to font black instead. This obviously is a bug in LL21.

This has happened to all my reports.
(-> COM DLL)
-> see attached file

Any suggestions?

Kind regards


(Günther Schwarze) #2

Hi Gerold,

Seem to remember from the roadshow that this is supposed to be a feature ;-). There was something about a contrast automatic that changes black fonts to white and vice versa depending on the background. If I remember correctly, this should only happen for Black and White, i.e. a workaround could be to use RGB(255,255,254) as font color. For me, this new automatic works well, I use the “combit” design scheme for my crosstabs and the labels are finally readable. However, if the report looked completely well before I’d contact combit.


(Gerold L.) #3

Hi Günther,

thank you for your reply.
Uncortunately all my reports do not look as they did before. :frowning:
And black font on a dark blue dackground really does not have a good contrast.

Do you know a switch or setting to turn off that (doubtful) “feature” globally?

Kind regards