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Table with multiple columns


(combit - Webmaster) #1

If you have a table which is 2 or 3 columns, it is very important to know in which direction you want to fill the columns. Whether vertical or diagonal. At the moment it is only vertical possible which sometimes does not really make sense.

(combit - Jochen Bartlau) #2

Thanks for the suggestion. While I understand that sometimes you’d like to fill up the columns in a diagonal “Z”-style I wonder in which scenario you find the “vertical” option useless? If you’re looking at optimally filling your page, this is a bit out of scope for LL, as the layout is done while the data comes in and we don’t know how much data you have. It would, however, be possible to do this as an internal 2-pass procedure. Just want to make sure I get your real issue here.


(combit - Jochen Bartlau) #3

A horizontal fill mode is in the backlog for LL25.