Horizontal Table instead of Vertical

I have a collection signatures that I would like to show on a report in following way

[ Sig1 ][Sig 2][etc]

When I create the table for this in the designer, it will stack them on top of each other (as expected) because this is how a table would work. Is there any way in which the table could be flipped to horizontal or is there a better way of doing this?


There will be other data in the cell too:

Job Title

I tried to use suppressed data with a footer but because there are multiple lines of data, everything goes out of line

Would a multi columnar layout with horizontal filling work here? Here’s a blog post describing this feature:

Yes, this looks like the solution. Is there a way to fill a table from right to left? Ie, if there is only one signature, it gets placed in the far right.

That might work with a more complex combination of fixed line heights, negative spacings and having a number of line definitions where the column to draw moves from the right to the left depending on the current count of signatures. A bit hacky, not all export formats will support this. But it might be a solution if you absolutely require it. Feel free to follow up here if you need further assistance with it.

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