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Multi-rows column with pie chart in a List&Label report

I’m using List & Label 20 and i’m trying to create a report which has a multi-row column. In an horizontal page i have to put, on the left side of the page, a table with some numerical data and, on the rigth side, i need to put a pie chart, representing data in the table.

Is there a way to do what i have to do? The main problem is that the number of rows in the table is not constant.


Using a Report Container, this should be pretty straightforward. You can place it in a full-page manner, set the number of columns to two, insert your table and then, with “column break before” enabled, your chart. This works well as long as the table itself fits on one page.

If the table might span several pages, your best bet would be to use multiple containers. I described this feature in a blog post when we introduced it.

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