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Network Share Requirement

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Greetings all,

I work for a company that has an existing product that uses Combit List and Label 14. We are in the process of rewriting the product from scratch (existing product is a 16 bit VB app that was ported to 32 bit, with a flat file database back end).

Our existing customer base likes the Combit product, but we also need to remove the requirement of using a network share in our new product. Too many of our customers are operating externally to the central office, but yet aren’t sophisticated/big enough to have a dedicated VPN for their organization.

I understand List and Label 17 is the current version, and 18 is going to be released soon. Can you tell me if the newer versions can operate in a client/server manner (ideally through a single TCP port)? Are there any plans for this?

I know there is a free 30 day trial, but we are still in the stages of gathering our requirements, we won’t be getting to the development stage for a while yet, so I don’t want to “waste” our free trial when we won’t have an opportunity to really use the product.

Thanks much!

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List & Label does not require any “communication”. It can run on a client but also on a server. Your application is resposible for accessing the database.