Complex Footer Section

have a report that prints multiple rows and then at the end needs a footer section with some formatted text and then some boxes with information such as name, date, signature etc

is it possible to add such a section in the designer so that it only prints after all rows have printed?

it would work if added to the table as footer lines but they are limited in what can be added



If your using .net you can add a second table (with just one row) in the container and add your data in this table.

wouldnt that have the same limits as adding it to the footer. No complex designs such as drawing boxes, formatted text etc

just came across the piece in the documentation on how to create a payment form on the last page. this looks like it may be the ticket. will try this

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U can use the linking feature to link a object to your table.

If you use .NET like marco wrote, then u can use the report container and add a static table as last elemen in the container ,-)

Again a table is not going to work to add a complex footer with signature images and text etc

but it looks like a region set to lastpage cane be used to do what i need. Just working on testing this