Issues when changing print settings in Print Options dialog

I’ve run into two interesting behavior when trying to print from a WPF application:

  1. When using the ‘Options’ button to change some settings, the settings are not applied, at least not for some printers. Using ‘Change…’, then ‘Properties’ and changing the settings there works.
    Example: print something using the ‘Microsoft Print to PDF printer’, then go into Options and change the orientation from portrait to landscape. The resulting file will still have portrait orientation.
    It’s easy to reproduce the issue with the pdf printers, but it seems it also happens when I try to print something using a local printer.

  2. After changing some printer specific settings, like orientation or paper size and then selecting ‘Save options permanently’, the settings are not saved for the next print job. If I select another printer, then that choice is saved, but the printer specific settings will be still ignored.
    Based on the documentation, I got the impression that ‘Save options permanently’ shall save all printer related settings, am I right?

+1: We’ve also encountered issues using Zebra printers like mentioned in this topic, using L&L 27:
Could these be related?
We’ve just updated from L&L 27 to L&L 28, but it seems that issues #1 and #2 are still present.

welcome to the List & Label Forum. We will take a closer look at the behavior here and keep you up to date.

Hello Thomas,
do you have any news about this issue?
Were you able to reproduce it, or do you need more info from us?

we are currently looking at this in more detail and will give you feedback as soon as possible and therefore ask you for a little patience.

i would like to provide you with test modules. But this is only possible in the context of a support case. I’d suggest to open a support case via our support-portal. Please copy any pertinent information from this thread into the case description.
Thank you

I’ve tried, but my account (as a developer) is not the same as the account from which our subscription purchase was made, so I cannot register the product which is needed to open the support case. I’ve contacted the sales department for further info about how to proceed in this case.

Hello, I’ve opened the support case.

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