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Postprocessing of List & Label .LL Preview Files

Valid from List & Label 6
The .LL files that contain preview data are storages containing enhanced metafiles. List & Label offers a set of functions to access data in these files, to print pages or perform other modifications:

Using the LlStgsysGetPageMetafile API you can retrieve a handle of a single preview page in the enhanced metafiles format (EMF). Using the Windows API you can post-process such a metafile, for example using EnumEnhMetaFile(). You pass a callback to this function that is being called for each record in the metafile.

More information on that topic is available in the Windows SDK as well as the MSDN.

Please understand that we can not give you support on the Windows API functions as they are part of the operating system.


IDKBTE000558 KBTE000558