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Integrating Bitmaps and Metafiles

Valid from List & Label 9
The .NET Framework offers in the Namespace System.Drawing, extensive image editing methods. The most important image formats can be directly opened by using the bitmap and metafile classes. If desired, scanned in images can be very simply and effectively manipulated via the graphics class.

The methods LlDefineVariable and LlDefineField are overloaded for the bitmap and metafile classes, in order to pass on images (from a hard drive, or dynamically created) directly to List & Label.

In the following example, a BMP file is opened from the local hard drive. The loaded bitmap is then passed on to List & Label. Finished: That's all - the image is now in your report!
Bitmap b = new Bitmap("test.bmp");
LL.Variables.Add("pic1", b); 
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