Multiple conditions


I have looked for an answer to this to no avail.
How do I write a function in the Designer for multiple conditions on the same field?
For example suppose I have two services, Mani and Pedi. I want to display them on the report as Manicure and Pedicure.
I only know how to do one of the two, eg…
Cond(Service = ‘Mani’, ‘Manicure’, Service)
How do I do both conditions in that same field?

Thank you

I figured it out, You need to separate each condition with a comma eg:

Cond(Service = ‘Mani’, ‘Manicure’, Cond(Service = ‘Pedi’, ‘Pedicure’, Service))

Great, thanks for sharing :slight_smile:! Specifically for your request, you might also consider working with the Alias$ function. However, a nested condition is just as fine.

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