Report list of values as a comma seperated list of values

When reporting a list of values, each value is reported on a separate row. However, I would like to report them as a comma separated valie in “one single field”. How can I achieve it?

So, by default I can report:

But I want tot report it as:
value1, value2, value3

Ofcourse I looked in the manual, but I couldn’t find the solution. I tried using variables, but couldn’t get them to work to provide me the solution.

You can use a combination of the following:

  • add a report container item (as you probably already have)
  • add a footer that reads Join$(<YourField>, ", ")
  • set “Suppress Data Lines” to Yes

That does the trick - the Join$ aggregate function results in the required comma separated list, the report container makes sure that the values are iterated and finally the suppression takes care to only print the aggregated values. I attach a sample for our demo application that aggregates the category names in this way:

image (22.6 KB)

That is the solution indeed! Thanks for the suggestion.

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