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LL24 Service pack 005

a few days ago I have dowloaded and installed the Service Pack 24.005 from your site.
today I don’t see this service pack anymore, the last one is the 25.002 again.
There is a problem with site or the service pack you deleted the 24.005 for some other reason? Today I must deploy a new release of my application that use LL24, should I go back to 24.002?

Apologies - we’ll be re-releasing 24.005 during the course of the day. We pulled it after two hours as we realized there was a possibility of a GPF when editing a project using crosstabs and opening a new project via the designer’s menu (LRU or File > New). This issue had to be resolved first. If you can wait I’d suggest to wait, otherwise (if everything is running fine on your end) you could go with 24.002.

ok, I’ll wait then.
Thank you.

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The wait has come to an end - we have finally released the service pack 24.005.

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