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Setting the Language property in HTML5 viewer doesn't work

I did try with LlLanguage.English & LlLanguage.German and it’s able to translate, however i hit error with other languages like French/Italian.
Basically i need the capability to translate according to browser/user selected language. I managed to do it in ReportDesigner by using Translate$(“MyReport”) and able pass preferred language to the report. Hope you can advice similar feature for the tooltips button.

Would the list from here suffice? In this case, you just have to make sure to copy all *.lng files to the server in order to enable these languages. This requires either an Enterprise Edition or the purchase of the respective language kits however.

Actually we need to cover wider set of languages. For the time being I can go with that listed languages first. Yes, we already purchased the Enterprise Edition.
Appreciate your advice on how to get those *.lng files and how to use it in .Net MVC project.

You should have them in your “Redistributable Files” folder of the installation. Simply copy them to the same path on the web server where you store the cmll24.dll (and the other binaries).

This feature already available? or will be available next release?
Because i hit error everytime i generate report after putting LlLanguage.French

Should work out of the box. Maybe you could raise an issue with our support team to clarify?

Meanwhile I think we found the reason. Make sure to set the langage first, then set the FileRepository property. Otherwise you’ll run into situations where the Repository might be unavailable, resulting in error messages. Will be fixed in SP 24.005 (due by the end of the month). Moving this discussion to a separate thread now.