Weird problem with NVidia display

Hello all,

We have a weird problem with List&Label and the designer.
Our customer had driver version 4.32 installed and everything worked ok (with L&L 24 SP 2).
Now the driver was updates to 4.41 and now when they start the designer the can open the .lst perfectly. But the moment they click on a object (Text or Rechtangle, it doesn’t matter) the designer crashes.

I’ve build a PC with a NVidia GTX 1050, and driver version 4.51.67 (the latest) and this also shows this behaviour.
I’ve then installed L&L 25 with SP 002 on that PC and used the Sample application. This designer has a lot of different types (no .lst extention though), but they al work ok.
So I’ve updates our program to use that version (CTRL-ALT-F12 shows the 25.2 L&L version), but the designer still crashes.
I also tried the Debwin4, but after the loading there is no debug output anymore…

I’ve not tried the sample application for Openedge yet (trying later today).
Has anyone seen this behaviour ? Is there probably a .DLL or file missing? Am I setting a variable wrong?


We are also running a system with a NVIDIA GTX 1050 and the latest driver (driver version 451.67).

But there are no problems at all on our side, too. For a furher analyze of the crash of the application we would need a dump file. If you don’t mind we would like to ask whether you could create a dump file and upload it via our support center? Please create a new support case and link to that thread.

P.S. The creation of a dump file is described in detail here: