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L&L integration with VisualStudio2012 for WPF application

(Yesha Unadkat) #1

Hello everyone, I have been working on WPF project and MicrosoftVisualStudio version is 2012.
To provide support of L&L tool for reporting purpose I am trying to integrate it with my project that includes WPF with MVVM. I am doing it following way:
ListLabel LL = new ListLabel();
LL.DataSource = _UserItems;(Items need to be binded)
But this opens a new window and I have to perform Import/export operations to get the list in L&L. Is there any way to make it work directly just by coding? Without the need to import or export it?

So basically my need is, there’s a list in my application & a button on same form. When user clicks on button,I want that same list to open up directly in L&L. How can i get it with coding?

Also, I can generate .pdf from here but for reporting it requires .ll extension. How can i generate .ll extension files?

Provided that, I couldn’t get L&L tools in toolbar even after adding dll. Also, I am currently using trial version of it.

Hoping for positive solution to it.

(combit Support - Erdal Alacali) #2

Dear Yesha,
thank you for your post.

List & Label always needs a project file for printing. There are two ways to generate a project in List & Label.

  1. The designer (like your samplecode open a Designer etc.)
  2. Generate a project dynamically via the DOM API (what you are probably searching for)
    The fastest way to see how you can use the DOM API is to check out our programable sample in the .NET folder.
    There you will find an “Advanced DOM Sample” and “Simple DOM Sample”.

Following is a little codesnippet from the “Simple Sample”

//US: Create new DOM project, type LlProject.List
proj.Open(Path.Combine(Application.StartupPath, "dynamic.lst"), LlDomFileMode.Create, LlDomAccessMode.ReadWrite);
//US: Add a table container and set some properties
ObjectReportContainer container = new ObjectReportContainer(proj.Objects);
container.Position.Set(10000, 40000, pageExtend.Width - 20000, pageExtend.Height - 44000);
//US: Add a table into the table container
SubItemTable table = new SubItemTable(container.SubItems);
//US: Set required source table
table.TableId = comboBoxTable.Text;

For further information about the DOM API I would ask you to check out the full sample.

Also, I can generate .pdf from here but for reporting it requires .ll extension. How can i generate .ll extension files?

The .ll extension is used by the previewfile format. You can create a previewfile (x.ll) using the export.

Following is an little codesnippet from our export sample:

// create export configuration
ExportConfiguration exportConfiguration = new ExportConfiguration(_LlExportTarget.Preview, fileNameTb.Text, "simple.lst");
//start export

For further information about the Export I would ask you to check out the full sample. Thanks again for your post.

Kind regards

Erdal Alacali
Technical support
combit GmbH

(Yesha Unadkat) #3

Really glad to get response within a day.
I appreciate it. Thanks a lot.
And yes, I will look after all documents you suggested.

Yesha Unadkat