Designer to open supplied report file

I’m new to L&L and C# but I am trying to create a C# application to open selected report file in Designer. I don’t want file dialog. Which L&L function to do this? I tried LLDesigner (project type, string projectfile) but it is not it. Can someone points me to the document contain this information?

Dear Cady,
thank you for your note.

The following codesnippet shows how to open the designer without userinteraction:

LL.AutoProjectFile = "ProjectFile.lst"; LL.AutoShowSelectFile = false; LL.Design();

You could take a look at our .NET sourcecode samples which demonstrate the basic concepts, the samples are installed to ->
“\combit\LL20\Programmierbare Beispiele und Deklarationen\Microsoft .NET”

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Erdal Alacali
Technical support
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