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Designer to open supplied report file

(Cady Huynh) #1

I’m new to L&L and C# but I am trying to create a C# application to open selected report file in Designer. I don’t want file dialog. Which L&L function to do this? I tried LLDesigner (project type, string projectfile) but it is not it. Can someone points me to the document contain this information?

(combit Support - Erdal Alacali) #2

Dear Cady,
thank you for your note.

The following codesnippet shows how to open the designer without userinteraction:

LL.AutoProjectFile = "ProjectFile.lst"; LL.AutoShowSelectFile = false; LL.Design();

You could take a look at our .NET sourcecode samples which demonstrate the basic concepts, the samples are installed to ->
“\combit\LL20\Programmierbare Beispiele und Deklarationen\Microsoft .NET”

Kind regards

Erdal Alacali
Technical support
combit GmbH