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Generate preview of lst report (without pre-saved ll-files)


I have a LL object and previewcontrol on a form. I think I have set evertyhint up correct. Calling LL.design shows te designer with data and populates the list.

But the preview does not show up in the previewcontrol? LL.Print start the print dialog.

How to set the preview? I know the .ll preview files can be set on the previewcontrol. But why are the previewcontrol and LL object able to connect if not to show a dynamic preview of the report?


Hi Nordin,

Just set AutoDestination to PreviewControl and the PreviewControl property of your ListLabel object to your control instance. That should do the trick. The Databinding sample for .NET also uses a preview control that’s wired up this way.



Hi Günther,

Thank you for the reply. I was missing the AutoShowPrintOptions = False and AutoShowSelectFile = False settings.

I was looking at the Printer dialog but did not notice the output options which clearly had the ‘Preview’ as an option.


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