L&L Designer 20 table working with rows

Hello, could you help me? I work with time based signals. When writing data to a table, I get a lot of identical rows with the same values. When calculating the maximum values, I get a lot of identical lines. How can I write this set of values on one line?

You can try to use grouping for that requirement. And the grouping condition in the table is the current value. Also set property “Suppress Data Lines” to “Yes” so they are not displayed - but only each group-value. You also need to add sorting to the used field for grouping condition:

Attached you will find the simple project for the DemoApplicationXX.exe: The first table is the default with all values and the second table is using the grouping condition. The data is not really good for this example, because of you only have on duplicated value there - 1500.

TableWithGroupingCondition.rpt.lst (50.2 KB)